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I wrote this a few years ago. It’s still true. Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom. xooxoxoxox

the gratitude-a-thon

Before I realized the gratitude-a-thon was going to be hacked today, by my own children, I wrote this. But seriously, J&A, thanks! I loved waking up to the surprise! love you guys! xo

Scan 13 She was so cute, my mom. She might be where I got my love of dogs, too.

Dear Mom,

It’s been a long time since we’ve celebrated mother’s day together. It’s been exactly 22 mother’s days, in fact. It’s amazing that you’re still dead. And I gotta tell you, it’s really a bummer. No, really, that dying thing sucked. Don’t do that again.

I actually think of you every day. Isn’t that kind of amazing? There I am with my “to do” list and or sitting at the computer doing work, cooking, or driving, and boom, your face will pop into my mind, your long fingernails painted misty mauve, your uniquely “you” smile that only got better with…

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My daughter leaves for college tomorrow (you’re all like, “wow, she is so calm, no capital letters, and she didn’t even say “fuck” once in that sentence– wonder …

Source: gratitude-a-thon day 912: the top ten reasons I’m celebrating my empty nest

Happy mother’s day mom!!! I am SO incredibly grateful for you although occasionally I have trouble showing it. I am grateful for EVERYTHING you do, from the smallest things to the biggest. I am grateful for your sense of fashion because it really does help when I want to borrow clothes, and I am grateful for your ability to always listen to me. I am grateful for your sense of humor and the way you laugh at all of the jokes I attempt at making. I am grateful for your math struggles because at least someone understands why I can no longer comprehend anything my teacher explains in math class. I am grateful for all of your hard work because you taught me that you do actually have to work hard to get what you want and to get better at things. Most of all I am grateful for your never ending support, because you have been supportive in everything I do and more importantly everything I have wanted to do that have not followed through on YET. You even supported my ballerina days, although I had absolutely no rhythm and could not keep up with any of the other girls in the dances. After ballet didn’t work out you supported my subtle change into boyhood when I decided I would like to wear all boy’s clothes and play sports with all boys as well. Whether it was an attempt to be more like Jake or just a phase, you were there the whole way through. When I got older and realized I was in fact not the same gender as Jake, you supported that huge change of mind, attitude, and most importantly clothes. Most importantly to me though is you support my soccer. You come to countless games in freezing cold weather or games that take hours and hours to get to, and even though only 2 years ago you probably knew nothing about soccer, you learned things about soccer, you began to talk about soccer, and most surprisingly of all you have almost mastered the off sides rule. And you did all of that for me. Happy Mother’s Day MOMma!!!! I LOVE YOU!






Mother’s day gratitudeathon


So much to be grateful for today. Waking up to sun coming through my window, warm weather, and another day to go out and take advantage of countless opportunities that I am given access to every single day. I am closing out my first semester at USC, and all of the amazing things that this school offers, are made possible for me to experience in very large part to my beautiful mother, Toni Friedman Lansbury.

This past year for me has been one that came with a lot of growing up, becoming very independent. Becoming a man. I travelled to a different country, and through every bump and great night I had, my mom was there for me. Her love and support made the distance that stood between us feel like nothing. The countless times I missed a flight, or went over my weekly budget, she comforted me and didn’t allow me to worry.

On to USC after a too short reunion with her and the rest of my family and friends over winter break, the next step of my journey begins in beautiful Los Angeles, essentially being just as far from her as I was in a different country. It was agreed that my lack of focus and success academically in Barcelona would not be repeated here at USC, it couldn’t be. I went in with a mindset in accordance with this agreement, but when I started pledging and my grades began to dip, I knew I could not uphold the promise I had made her and myself. After a lot of struggling and late nights studying I decided that to withdraw from a class was my best chance at optimizing my chance at success. I talked it over with her and my dad and they trusted in my judgment, treated me like an adult.

My mom has never been someone to doubt my decisions, especially when she knows I am really passionate about it. She hates the idea of being in a fraternity, read all the internet  articles that as a college guy pledging a fraternity you never want your mom to read, and yet she still supported me the whole way. All she ever asked was, “Are you sure this is what you want? You really think it’s worth it?” To which I always responded, “Yeah I do, I really want this mom.” And with that we would be on to the next topic of discussion.

The unwavering support that my mom gives me is not something that many kids get from their parents, but it definitely does not go unnoticed and unappreciated on my end. I can not imagine not being supported in all my decisions by my parents, because I have never had to deal with them not supporting me. My mom has always taught me to do things I am passionate about and that I believe in, no matter what anyone else has to say about it. I take no advice as seriously as this. To her dismay this has backfired on numerous occasions in the past few years, namely with my love for wearing clothes that make her nauseous or not shaving my mustache.

I can’t express how much I respect my mom for always being herself and not shying away from doing what she loves. I will always look up to her fortitude in any situation, her determination and persistence to get what she wants, and her continual desire to better herself in any number of ways. Every day I only wish to emulate these qualities and not only make her proud, but make her know how grateful I am to be who I am because of who she is. I could never ask for a better role model, best friend, or mom than the one I have. I love you to the moon and back mom, and I hope you have a great Mother’s Day and remember every second of the day how much you are appreciated and loved by everyone, but namely Dad, Ally and I. I’ll be home soon, and I can not wait to see your face. Love you so much.


– Your little Jakey forever

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